Chateau Šatov sro produces wines for you in the immediate vicinity of the Painted Cellar. For the first time, we introduced our wines in 2010. Annual production is about 4 000 bottles, which you can buy only in our cellar or through our website contact form, we do not present in any vinotheques or gastronomes.

The winery manages 4528 m2 of young vineyards. Our village lies on the interface of two geological units, which can not boast any other wine-growing region in Moravia, so we want to process only grapes from this unique terroir.


In the future, we only want to process grapes from our own vineyards, which we manage according to the principles of organic farming. We do it with respect to the soil and all the living organisms in our vineyards, it is the most valuable thing we have. To protect our vineyards from diseases and pests, we only use natural enemies, predators and preparations based on plant extracts, no unnecessary chemistry.

Traditional Methods

In the cellar, we process our raw materila with as minimal intervention as is possible. The wine will be made for the most part in the vineyard and we can not spoil it in the cellar. Because we are a very small and beginner winery, we do not have any pneumatic presses, winemakers, controlled fermentation and the like, but we still believe that our wines will be a pleasant surprise for you. We give them a piece of their heart.


Petr Hanzal
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When are we open?

April, May, June - Sat, Sun, holidays 10:00-19:00
July, August - daily 10:00-19:00
September - Sat, Sun, holiday 10: 00-19: 00
other dates can be booked by telephone